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The journey of a girl from childhood to menopause is said not to be complete till she becomes a mother. Most of us are blessed and we become mothers when we want to and very often even without wanting to, however there are a group of women who are struggling very hard to be there, to know that she is pregnant, to enjoy her pregnancy and to final hear the sweet words of her baby calling her “Mamma”.

It has been a long academic and professional journey for me after getting entrance to AIIMS as an MBBS student in 1989. I was always amazed by the way the embryo developed into the foetus and became the baby inside the mother. As a child I was motivated by Dr. Indira Hinduja’s picture in a magazine holding a “Test tube baby”. After completing all my training and gaining experience as a gyanecologist in AIIMS, I got the commonwealth scholarship award to train in IVF and Infertility in the U.K. It was an eye opening experience to me as far as local customs as well as academic and professional skills. After spending three years, I returned to the country.

I have been into Infertility practice since then. I have realised it not just a women thing .Even men are keen to complete the family. He is also the one to put on the brave front and provide a leaning shoulder. For many it is a smooth journey from the first visit to the positive pregnancy test, but for many it is a physically, emotionally and financially draining process.

For me as a doctor and care giver it has been a (Life changing, emancipating ?? right words) journey. I have felt elated when my patients get pregnant and more so when they come with their child, with their eyes filled with gratitude. On the other hand for couples who are struggling, I tried to involve myself in their journey and share their miseries. Sometimes my efforts are appreciated, occasionally the anger of failure surmounts .

I would like my readers to go through this edition. I want them to know that most cases of infertility are preventable and curable. Many women wait too long to meet right man of their choice however a woman’s capacity to reproduce is limited in contrast to a man. In matters of fertility the earlier the better. I would also make a plea to their family friends and relatives to let them be and not disturb them with repeated questions .(sentence needs modification)

Happy Reading!!

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