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Dear Dr. Kaberi Banerjee,
Baby Aaradhya is doing very well and we are in contact with Dr.Holla, for her health update.
Dr Kaberi, we want you to help us again for another gift, since baby Aaradhya would like to have a sibling to play with.
PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR PLANS so as to make the necessary arrangements.

With Lots of Loves,
Baby Aaradhya, Meher and Anil Panjabi.

To All the Staff at the IVF center Max Hospital
We just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed to me following our IVF procedure.
Before we came into hospital for the procedure, we were very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown but you were all so kind and reassuring when we arrived which took away a lot of our apprehension.
You demonstrated your total commitment into caring for us when we were worried and confused in the days leading upto and immediately following the procedure and also gave us the support and encouragement we needed which meant so much to us.
I’d like to particularly thank all of the Staff for the help and support they gave Guibo, which I know was well above and beyond the service I would have expected, you all made her feel more of a friend than a patient. You all took extra time and effort to overcome language barriers to ensure Guibo was safe, understood exactly what was happening and that she was happy. For that you will all have my eternal thanks.
Guibo is currently at home in China, following your advice to the letter, she has told all of her family of the new friends she made whilst in India, and the things you all did for her.

Thank you all once again for all your care and support.
Best regards,
Guibo and Gerry Hogg


Patient Comment
Making your own dreams come true is not really big but helping other people to make their dreams come true is a commendable task. I’m an African lady who got married in the year 2007. Till date we tired many times to have a baby but God didn’t give us this opportunity. After every possible efforts being done from our end, we completely lost hope and started believing that we won’t be able to have a child any more.
It is then I came to know about IVF Technique and its successful usage in India through messages in form of printed advertisements. First, I thought that it was one of the many ‘birth-centers’ that exist in the market. With little hope in my heart, I decided to come and visit the center for once. A hospitable environment, very warm welcome and a caring staff greeted me.
Here is the first time I met doctor Kaberi. Seeing her experience and confidence in the subject, I felt relaxed and confident, thus deciding to continue my treatment using this technique. The sessions started with my doctor asking me to undergo Laparo and Hystero test which was followed by ICSI test. It was that moment, which fulfilled all my dream and gave me the pleasure of being mother. It was the best and most beautiful moment in my life when Dr. Kaberi said “Congratulations, you are Pregnant,” a word that seemed impossible in my dictionary of words and was a distant dream became a reality through efforts made by ICSI.
The rest of the story can be seen in the ‘little bundle of joy’ I hold in my hand today. Everything was so minutely taken care of that it gave me a feeling of home away from home with all staff and doctors making me feel as part of the family.
I thank Dr. Kaberi, from the bottom of my heart. For her it may be one more success story in her career but for us, proud parents, this has brought a whole new feeling and meaning in our life.

Name: Vivan Udofia
Doctor’s Name: Dr. Kaberi

Patient Comment
I tried IVF in Nigeria for three times without success. A friend that had assisted pregnancy from ADIVA informed me in August 2011. I started communication with Dr. Kaberi who assured me that before I complete my Cycle with the hospital “ADIVA”. I will smile, however. I stepped in India in December 2010 and was accepted with warm welcome from ADIVA group. Adiva has an healthy environment and friendly staff who are ready to be with you at all moment.
Today I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Thanks to Dr. Kaberi and entire members of ADIVA who contributed in one way or the other for a long awaited smile into reality. We will continue to Cascade this good message to every nook and corner of the world, especially Nigeria.

Keep up the good work with new innovation and technologies.
Thanks a Million


Patient Comment
Dear Mam,
We cannot thank you enough for the priceless gift you have given us, We love you a lot. You are not a good doctor but a kind hearted human being.
It has been a long journey for us. We have seen 3 failed IVF cycles before coming to you.

Thanks once again
Best Wishes and Warm Regards
Daisy and Leon.

Patient Comment
Hello Dr. Banerjee,
How are you ?. Hope you are doing well.
With the blessing of almighty and your best wishes I have been blessed with twins a baby boy and a baby girl both of them weighing around 2.4kgs.
I came all the way from Afghanisthan, now settled in Europe.
After so many failed treatment, I finally met you and got pregnant in the very first attempt with your treatment of IVF with ICSI. I was trying for more than 4 years, you gave me hope when there was none.
You will always be in my prayers.
Would like to convey my deepest gratitude.

Thanks for everything.
Nahid, Afghanistan

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