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Observership Under Dr. Kaberi Banerjee,
New Delhi

In the final year of my undergraduate studies in September 2013, I had the privilege of undertaking an internship under Dr. Kaberi Banerjee and her team.

During my internship I was introduced to the various branches of Reproductive Sciences, focusing majorly on Fertility Sciences and ART. I was exposed to the world class technological advancements in the clinic and excellence of the entire team for every case. Observing and understanding the techniques, ethics and maintenance of such a busy organization has added to my knowledge and experience critically. I am grateful to Dr. Banerjee for actively guiding me during my internship and encouraging me to gain further expertise in this field for which I will be studying further in the United Kingdom.

Kirtirupa Nandi
BSc Biomedical Science
University of Sheffield
17 August 2014

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